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Mt. Markham Hires New Staff

The Mount Markham Central School District Board of Education met Tuesday night to discuss new business.

MMCSD Superintendent Joe D'Apice began the meeting with a review of the Districtwide School Safety Plan. D'Apice said a copy of the plan is available in the District office and online.

MMCSD Elementary Principal Jennifer McDonald spoke about Elementary teachers Karen Rowe and Jessica Wrap. McDonald talked about the extra efforts Rowe and Wrap have made at Mt. Markham and fully supported their bid for tenure.

D'Apice spoke to the teachers' dedication and effort in school. MMCSD President Jay Kulczak thanked Rowe and Wrap for their contributions to the District and congratulated them on receiving tenure.

D'Apice spoke to Rowe and Nicolette Burgess' appointment as Academic Coaches, saying the District was grateful for Rowe and Burgess taking on the extra responsibility.

D'Apice spoke about the new requirement on Districtwide Safety Plan, schools need to update their emergency response plan with an emergency remote-instruction plan. D'Apice gave a short rundown of the updates to the security systems across the District.

D'Apice went through some changes across the District and certain safety issues

The Board approved a resolution accepting the May 9 meeting minutes.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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