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Mount Markham Graduate Plays On Despite Injuries

In a game at Sauquoit when she was in fifth grade, Allison Osborn-Smith’s right knee dislocated while she played.

The Mount Markham Elementary School student, then with the last name of Sterling, had to miss the rest of that youth season. “I remember being upset by that,’’ Osborn-Smith said. “I guess I had no idea what was to come.’’

In sixth grade, another basketball injury led to reconstruction of her right knee, then her left. Both knees kept dislocating.

She moved up to junior high ball, then varsity for the Mustangs, wearing No. 41. She also wore double knee braces and played through the pain. In off seasons she’d go through physical therapy and other procedures.

She received injections for platelet-rich plasma to strengthen the knee caps.

Her knees have been reconstructed. She had two tibial osteotomy surgeries where her tibia was…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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