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More Rain, Higher Temps In Climate Future Scenario

By the start of the next century, this area will see higher temperatures and more rain.

A Climate Vulnerability Assessment was presented last week via Zoom by members of Hamilton College Prof. Aaron Strong’s class. The 17 students outlined a number of areas where climate changes will have an impact on local life.

Strong opened the meeting by saying the presentation represented a draft of the assessments students made; a final presentation will be done by the end of the year which Strong said will be submitted to the state.

Strong said the goal of the assessment was twofold. “We hope it’s a starting point to taking action to address climate change and to foster a broader conversation.’’

Small groups of students researched different topics. Among their findings:

  • Data shows a significant warming in this area in the next decades

  • Minimum temperatures are getting higher

  • The entire flood plain is at risk for a 500-year flood

  • Crops such as apples and...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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