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Litchfield Approves Solar Farm Plans

After a detailed discussion of final revisions, the Litchfield Town Board approved the final agreement for the Hacadeam Hill Solar Farm.

Liza Schepps and Stephanie Alessandrin gave a presentation at last week’s Town Board meeting on the updated contract. In March Board members had questions that needed to be addressed.

Nexamp is proposing a commercial solar farm on five parcels totaling 222 acres on Hacadam and Roberts roads. The farm itself will take up 32 acres.

Nexamp also gave the town a check for $35,000 to replenish the contingency account.

The company pays for consultants and legal representation the town needs.

The women reviewed the updated information, which included revisions to the site map, storm water treatment plan and decommissioning plan.

In one corner rather than removing trees down to stumps, the trees will be


The revised road use agreement requires Nexamp to give the town a $30,000 bond to cover costs for any damage to Hacadam Hill Road during construction.

The town had a 5- ton weight limit but will waive that for construction equipment that will weight up to 25 tons.

A pre-and post-construction survey will be done by the town on the road’s condition.

Nexamp will provide a starting bond of $472,625 for the decommissioning of the farm after its usefulness ends. That amount covers the first 10 years and then will grow 2.5 percent to account for inflation for the next 15 years.

Each year the town will receive a report about the solar farm’s capacity and operational output. ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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