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Lights Dimmed In Waterville

Three Waterville businesses whose exterior lighting well exceeded the allowance all agreed to turn them off.

Village of Waterville Codes Officer Whitey Brown told the Village Board last week he spoke with the two owners - one owns two places in violation - and they “promised they would turn them off,’’ Brown said. “So if anyone sees them on let me know.’’

One business is on East Bacon Street and Stafford Avenue, one on Main Street and a third in the Dollar General Plaza. Brown said the village received a lot of complaints about the brightness of lights lining their windows.

Using a meter that registers light output intensity, one of the lights came in a little over 600 lumens. The maximum allowed is 5.

In other matters during the 20-minute meeting, the Village is waiting to the end of the month before registering a formal complaint with the state’s Commission on Judicial Conduct. This is in regards to the almost nine months since the Village and a resident went to court in the Town of Marshall over a zoning matter.

Marshall Town Justice Justin Nackley heard the dispute regarding a shed on West Bacon Street that the neighboring homeowner said is too close to the property line based on the Village’s codes.

A decision was expected within six weeks. Waterville Mayor Gene Ostrander and Village Attorney Bill Getman said attempts to contact Nackley and the Marshall court clerk have not brought any responses.

Ostrander said a registered letter was sent to Nackley…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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