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Life in Mexico

By Jerry Davis

Never say “never” because you might find yourself in my position – writing a New Year’s letter, something that you swore you would never do.

But I have a good excuse. I am positive for Covid and a bit under the weather and just don’t have the pep to write notes.

Our New Year starts on a happy note as we are thankful for the vaccine that has protected us from being seriously sick. This is my second bout with Covid, Carmen has had it once and we were never very ill.

The vaccine emboldened us to take a short but interesting vacation at a hotel that once was a silver smelting hacienda and emboldened tourists to start renting our apartments that have been empty for two years.

Number two on our thankful list is that our president is Joe Biden, a man who knows how to make our government work for us, the middle class. About time!

Number three is that our families have been able to visit us. Our granddaughter Erica and her friend Hannah, and our grandson Taylor visited in the spring.

In June and July Mateo, Tina and their three girls passed a busy month in Mexico. Mateo wanted to show his children the “real” Mexico and if there is such a thing as a real Mexico he succeeded.

After a few days in an apartment in Mexico City we drove to Acapulco, got snarled up in the road blockade…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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