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Life in Mexico:

By Jerry Davis, Author of Life In Mexico, Amazon Kindle

Recently it was election day, a day to fret and worry about the path the United States will follow until the next election changes everything again. But for me it is also a day to reflect on patriotism.

I have done my patriotic duty and voted. It is tricky to fill out an absentee ballot, but I think that I managed, and my vote will not be tossed out as invalid.

You are probably wondering why I even care as I have not lived in the U.S. for 18 years.

I have adjusted to Mexico, speak the lingo, eat hot chili, and even write my 7’s with a funny bar across the stem just like Mexicans do. I have even stopped writing longhand because it is generally not taught here and many people have trouble reading it, especially in my terrible scribble.

I feel at home but will never be a Mexican no matter how long I live here. didn’t “leave it” because I didn’t “love it”. I left because my wife, after 42 years away, wanted to live in her native country.

I left for monetary reasons as the cost of living is much less here. I left in search of a better climate.

I vote because I have children and grandchildren who live in the U.S. and I hope that my vote will make life better for them.

I do not forget what I owe to my country. I had a free college education at a state university. My children have been well prepared by their respective schools.

I lived in a safe environment where we never locked our doors, left the key in the ignition of the car and enjoyed the protection of good neighbors.

I owe Mexico too. Every two months I have a medical checkup. I have been hospitalized four times, and for all of this care have paid about $200 US dollars in total.

I attend free concerts, participate in community fiestas and because I am a senior, have free admission to many places and am treated with special respect.

I have discovered that people are the same all over the world.

Our youngest lives in a Swedish village that is almost identical to Unadilla Forks. We have visited and met


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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