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Internet Upgrade For Brookfield

Over the next few years Madison County will spend $16 million to add fiber optics in every town to improve service.

Brookfield Town Supervisor Loren Corbin said at last week’s town meeting the county project has started. Engineers are finding a place in each town for a small building to act as a hub for that town’s network.

The county received a grant of $13.5 million for the work to bring Internet services to rural areas; the rest of the cost will be paid by the county.

Corbin said most of the fiber optics will be above ground. In Brookfield the hub will be near the town’s Highway Garage.

Empire Access, based in the Southern Tier, is the company doing the work. Once installed the new network will also allow for phone and digital television services.

Corbin said the work will start near Cazenovia and proceed from town to town. All work will be finished in 2024.

Not only will the new system improve access for those who have it, Corbin said Empire will add places that Spectrum doesn’t serve now. Empire is a competitor of Spectrum.

In other matters from the meeting, Corbin said Mike Keith’s company will do the work needed in the Town Hall. That includes redoing the floors, painting and putting in insulation.

Cost will be covered by insurance as damage…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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