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Hearing Step One On Grant

The Village of Waterville started the process to apply for another housing improvement grant.

Last week’s Village Board meeting opened with a short public hearing as required to apply for a Community Development Block Grant with the state. Waterville’s grant will be for up to $500,000.

Eligible homeowners can have a variety of work done to their houses at no cost up to a limit. A resident who participated in a previous village housing improvement grant said work was done that she would not have been able to do and was glad to see the village applying for it again.

This was the first of two required public hearings.

Also during the 45-minute meeting, Department of Public Works Superintendent Jamie Bechy said a compost shed at the Wastewater Treatment Plant, scheduled to be torn down, instead partially collapsed during a recent storm. Because the tank inside will be full in a couple of weeks, Bechy said the situation is now an emergency project.

Some lights and a fan were damaged and the village crew will try to tear out one section to prevent further collapse and contamination.

The village will have to pay for the almost 5 tons of sewer sludge to be hauled elsewhere as it cannot be made into compost.

Total cost to tear down the structure and build a new one was estimated at $250,000. While the insurance money alone will not cover that cost, Bechy said the insurance and money the village has saved will come close.

The same day the building fell in, the village crew also had to take care of a 6-inch water main break on Conger Avenue. That led to finding another link nearby on East Bacon Street.

Out of four applications for the opening in the DPW, Bechy recommended Sean Baldwin, who was approved by the board.

In February 7,071,000 gallons of water was used at an average of 250,000 a day.

Bechy said once the weather warms potholes on Madison Street and around the village will be filled in.

Codes Officer Kevin English said he met with people and…


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The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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