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Garden Club Gives Holiday Honors

Judging for Christmas decorations was done by the Waterville Garden Club Dec. 13 and was based on the appearance of the house in the dark.

Doorway/Entry designs:

1. Dan Maine, 1311 McCabe Road

2. David Petrie, 228 White St.

3. Pat Vick, 139 White St.

Overall design:

1. John Pumilia, 447 Tower St.

2. Jerry Coirio, 466 White St.

3. Tie: Jamie Bechy, 424 Putnam St.

Karl Buschor, 210 E. Bacon St.

Business front designs:

1. Waterville Village Hall, Barton Ave.

2. H&R Block, 127 W. Main St.

3. Morgan's Hardware, 108 W. Main St.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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