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Forty-Three DRI Projects Submitted To Consider

The final list of projects to be approved for the $10 million grant won by Clinton and Kirkland will come from the 43 sent in by the deadline.

At the second Local Planning Committee meeting for the Downtown Revitalization Initiative grant last week, consultants Lisa Nagle and Michael N’dolo gave a brief overview of the projects submitted. The local committee will meet privately this month and next to discuss the list.

In October the committee will vote on the projects and amount to be received from the DRI. The list then goes to the state for final approval with a draft due Nov. 1.

Last Tuesday’s meeting marked the first time committee members saw the list of projects. Members of the public can begin to offer input at a public engagement meeting Wednesday, Aug. 30 from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Kirkland Art Center, which follows the third planning committee meeting that day from 1 to 3 p.m.

Of the 43 projects, 25 are from private owners, nine are from non-profit groups and nine are from the town or village. They total $47.3 million in development with a request of $25.2 million from the DRI grant.

DRI liaison Danny Lapin said the 43 projects by far is the most any community has seen from last year’s 10 winning communities. It’s more typical for 12 to 15 projects to be submitted for consideration.

While the DRI grant will provide $9.7 million in funding the submitted list will have about $14 to $15 million in DRI requests. The state will make the final selection from there.

Some of the projects are outside of the DRI Zone. Nagle said the zone can be adjusted if a project is chosen. Organizations and businesses could also submit more than one separate project.

Private and non-profit projects came from:

Clinton Chamber of Commerce, Green Compost food waste buckets, Kirkland Trails, St. Mary’s daycare, Clinton Fire Department, Clinton pool, Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland Town Library, Old Burying Ground, 16 College St., the former Opera house, 17 Kirkland Ave., 2-3 West Park Row, 24 College St., Clinton Cider Mill, 29 Park Row, apartment complex on a brownfield near Kirkland…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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