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Election Results

Unofficial election results as of last week show Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik beat Democratic challenger Matt Castelli to become the area’s House of Representatives member in the new 21st District.

Stefanik took 60 percent of the district’s vote with 164,347. Castelli collected 110,642 votes.

In Herkimer County Stefanik had 15,323 votes to 6,034 for Castelli. Otsego County’s portion of the district cast 5,474 votes for Stefanik and 3,395 for Castelli.

In the Town of Bridgewater Brandon Williams unofficially edged Francis Conole by less than 1 percent of the vote to become the area’s new member of the House of Representatives.

Williams, a Republican, had 50.6 percent of the vote, or 131,613 votes, in the newly designed 22nd New York Congressional District. Conole, a Democrat, had the remaining 49.4 percent with 128,393.

Although Williams declared victory the day after the elections, Conole as of presstime had not conceded.

In Oneida County, Williams won by a larger margin, with almost 62 percent of the vote. He was also on the Conservative line.

Bridgewater voters cast 384 votes for Williams and 82 for Conole.

Brian Miller won the new 122nd Assembly District now represented by John Salka. Republican Miller received 63.6 percent with 25,742 votes. He also ran on the Conservative line.

Democrat Dan Buttermann received almost 34 percent of the vote with 13,607; Working Families candidate Colton Mennig received 1,124 votes.

In Herkimer County Miller received 1,128 votes and Buttermann 203. In the Otsego County portion of the district Miller won 4,775 to 4,113.

In Bridgewater, which Miller once represented for Oneida County, he received 386 votes to 68 for Buttermann.

Brian Maher will represent the Town of Brookfield in the state Assembly, beating Matthew Mackey 29,859 to 17,947. In Brookfield - the only Madison County town in the new District - the vote was Maher 663; Mackey 191.

Madison County voters appear to have elected Rhonda Youngs as Madison County judge. Bradley Moses received 5,643 votes on the ballot, while 16,268 people submitted a write-in candidate. Youngs was running as a write-in.

In Brookfield Moses received 360 votes, while 435 people wrote in a candidate.

Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer won re-election 3,124,000 to the 2,414,478 votes gathered by Republican Joe Pinion. In Oneida County Schumer actually lost to Pinion, 42,824 to 28,273.

Bridgewater voters supported Pinion with 380 votes to 81 for Schumer.

Madison County also went for Pinion, 14,287 to 11,058 for Schumer. Herkimer County supported Pinion with 14,509 votes to 6,800 for Schumer.

Otsego County had 11,690 votes for Pinion and 9,337 for Schumer.

Statewide, Democrat Kathy Hochul won a full term as governor with just under 3,000,000 votes. Republican challenger Lee Zeldin had 2,666,066 votes

Zeldin carried Oneida County, 47,712 to 24,340. He carried Herkimer County 16,198 to 5,584.

Madison County also went for Zeldin, 15,664 to 9.875. As did Otsego County, 12,874 for Zeldin and 8,540 for Hochul.

Republican Peter Oberacker won re-election over Democratic challenger Eric Ball 72,650 to 43,757.


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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