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District Provides Emergency Shelter After Snow Storm

Although the Mount Markham Central School District closed last Tuesday during the State of the Emergency in Herkimer County, staff members quickly pivoted to help out.

The gymnasium of the Mount Markham Middle School opened to anyone needing a place to get warm and emergency shelter. The foot or more of heavy snow that fell in the area brought down hundreds of trees, branches and powerlines, cutting off power to many in the area through last weekend.

Mount Markham Superintendent Joe D’Apice said at last week’s Board of Education meeting that although no one needed the school’s shelter, it provided a great example of how the District and community groups work together in an emergency.

The West Winfield and Cedarville fire departments stepped in to have members spend the night at the shelter in case anyone came. The American Red Cross provided cots and blankets.

At the meeting D’Apice gave special mention to the following volunteers: West Winfield Fire Chief Al Moxham, Jeff Ward, Shawn Cotton, Don Sterling, Shawn Murphy, Andy Peo, Nick Stokes, Zack Durr, Jim Murphy, Jason Cook, Marty Quinn, John Jones, Carl Wheat, Charles Hoteling, Rachael Gaston, Charles Hoteling and Zebi Rubin.

“These tremendously dedicated individuals spent the…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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