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Court Ruling Supports Shanley Road Quarry

A state court agreed that a permit was provided for a stone quarry in the Town of Marshall and that the town had no reason to shut it down.

The Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, released its ruling made Oct. 7 regarding Eric Schachtler’s quarry business on his property on Shanley Road. The Town, the Town Board, the Town’s Zoning of Appeals Board and Codes Officer Dan Ford were appealing a ruling made in March 2021 in Oneida County Supreme Court.

That ruling said Schachtler had been issued a Special Use Permit by the ZBA to open a quarry with work to include blasting if he followed specific conditions.

Schachtler applied for the SUP in 2012 and believed he received one in 2013.

From there Schachlter began taking the state steps to open the quarry. That took a number of years.

When Schachtler was ready to open his business in 2019, the ZBA, Town and Ford said he had never been issued an SUP even though the conditions had been met. Schachtler had also been given permission from the state to operate the quarry under the state guidelines.

The matter saw neighbors - including Ford, who lives nearby - ask the Town Board to deny the quarry. The state permit including blasting. Ford wrote in a…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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