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Counseling Service Offered At Waterville For Students

Starting July 1, Waterville Central School students will have access to a school-based clinician for counseling services.

WCS Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Spring explained the new program during the one-hour WCS Board of Education meeting last week. The service will be provided at both the Junior-Senior High and Memorial Park.

Spring explained the clinician who will work with students is through the Neighborhood Center, one of the district’s partners in the Connected Community Schools program.

The program comes without cost to the district. Insurance coverage used by families will cover the cost.

As of the meeting, 77 students have enrolled in the Summer Enrichment program offered for free at Memorial Park in July. Students will meet for three hours four days a week to do project-based learning, with a new theme for each of the four weeks.

Transportation will be provided to students who attend. The district and municipalities have coordinated the Summer Enrichment program with Summer Recreation so students can do both.

In other news, the district will present at the next meeting June 22 the three-year plan for using the federal pandemic recovery money. The Board and public can provide input before it is submitted by July 15.

At the start of the meeting, two students received recognition by the Board.

Senior Janelle Cleary, who was selected as a Tenn All-Star by the Observer Dispatch, was called by teacher Kate Worwa “selfless and a model citizen.’’ Cleary is president of this year’s High School Student Council, and in that role has attended state and regional conferences.

A three-sport athlete, she volunteered for the Biddy Ball program to take some duties away from the program director. Cleary plans to attend Mohawk Valley Community College to study photography and graphic design.

Fifth grader Cameron Catlin obeys the rules and is kind. MPS Principal Maureen Gray said Cameron will help others on the bus as well....


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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