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Concerns Shared About Detours

The Town of Winfield Board met in-person Wednesday evening to discuss new business.

An update was provided on the Route 20 culvert project. The Bridge is closed, a temporary bridge will be installed. The temporary bridge route should be opened by the start of the school year. The permanent bridge replacement is planned to be finished two years from now. For more details, see the Village of West Winfield story.

Jack Clark spoke to the Board about his concern in hosting his planned car show in the Town of Winfield Park Aug. 22 due to the Route 20 closure.

A local business owner spoke to the Board about their concern with the designated detour route for Route 20. The closed sign on Stone Road is damaging her business with a reduction of traffic as well as causing similar problems for the VFW…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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