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Complaints Made On Site Of Camper On Route 315

The Nov. 9 Marshall Town Board meeting opened with approval of minutes for the Oct. 13 regular meeting, and for the Oct. 27 public hearing on the 2021 budget.

The budget was approved at the meeting.

Eric Schachtler asked again about the Freedom Of Information request he submitted for a letter of engagement from Attorney Vincent Rossi with the Town of Marshall. Both Supervisor Jack Buschmann and Town Clerk Mary Blunt have repeatedly called Rossi for the letter with no response, they said.

Preston Bonelli of the Zoning Board of Appeals reported a Special Use Permit is pending for a business in an agricultural zone on Route 12.

Codes Enforcement Officer Dan Ford was not there to give his report in person, but portions of it were read aloud by Buschmann. That included reports on building permits, a heifer barn, and a new house on Gridley Paige Road.

Dan Yoxall, Water Board Chairman, was attending a Sourced Water Protection seminar. This report was also given to the Town Board; Buschmann reported things are “going great.”

Highway Superintendent Bob Welch reported his crew would be attending OPP (One Person Plow) Training and the county will pay for the training. This is a refresher course, he said.

Both Andrew Scoones, who is new to the crew, and Travis Barrett, who is part-time, will attend the training.

In his report, Welch also mentioned the camper parked by Oriskany Creek just off Route 315 on property near but separate from Jack Frost Jr.’s land. There have been complaints…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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