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Columbia Project Slows

During their almost three- hour meeting last week, the Columbia Town Board covered a number of topics, including that the Columbia Solar and Batter Storage project has changed its timeline.

Supervisor Nathan Seamon explained how the commercial solar farm industry has seen changes in the last six months in New York and across the country.

Costs have gone up, prompting solar developers to redo their contracts to ask New York state for more money.

Seamon said it’s safe to assume that EDF, which is proposing a huge solar project in Columbia with smaller portions in neighboring towns, is going through the same process.

He and Councilman Ed Reed said EDF has not contacted the town for some time.

Reed said on EDF’s website the Columbia project’s start of operation time has been pushed to 2027, at least a year longer than originally set.

Because of the industry changes, Seamon said that’s allowed other solar developers to enter the picture.

He said he’s heard other companies are soliciting leases from property owners in Columbia.

During the meeting the Board discussed the moratorium on commercial solar that expires in April. Reed, who is chairman of the citizens group reviewing the town’s regulations for updates, said they are almost done.

He recommended letting the moratorium expire in April because the updated laws will be ready for review and adoption by the Town Board close to then.

Seamon said Terra-Gen Development is planning a large-scale wind project in the towns of Danube, German Flatts, Little Falls, Stark and Warren, with one or two parcels in Columbia.

Another large wind project is planned for west of the town in Litchfield, he said. Columbia has had no contact from Terra-Gen, he said.

About 20 residents attended the meeting, which has a new start time of 6:30 p.m.

In his report Highway Superintendent Mark Buddle said the 2022 pickup was sold for $5 less than what the town paid for it new.

While the nice weather has helped reduce winter maintenance Buddle said the roads are in rough shape because of the excessive amounts of water hitting them.

The Board approved putting the 2021 Ford F-550 with ...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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