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Clinton Teachers Question Recent Decisions By Board

The Clinton Board of Education met in December to discuss new business.

Clinton Teachers Association President John King read a letter from the CTA to the Board of Education. The CTA's letter questioned the decision-making process behind a recent Board decision.

"It felt personal," King said. "Clinton teachers have lost the ability to confidently do their job without fear of losing their job."

The letter went on to say teachers were seeking to be informed of District decisions affecting themselves and colleagues as the lack of information led to a fear of reprisal of similar situations occurring. King finished by stating the CTA just wanted clarity when the Board made decisions and thanked the Board for their time.

Former Board member Sam Catterson again spoke to the Board about the Board’s decision-making process. Catterson called for the resignation of CCSD Board President Melinda Leising, CCS Vice President Mary Lou Lauchert, and District Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm.

Catterson cited the CCS Middle School's Special Education Department's designation as a Targeted School for Improvement by New York state as a reason for half the administration to resign. Several members of the public in attendance applauded. Sam Constantino voiced his support of Catterson's call for resignations, except for Leising's resignation.

The Board then celebrated Director of Pupil Personnel…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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