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Clinton Road Repairs Mostly Done In 2025

The Department of Transportation project in the Village of Clinton will fall over two years.

At last week’s Clinton Village Board meeting Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo said a meeting in December confirmed that the early steps of the project might start later this year, but the bulk of the work will be in 2025.

Major repairs and upgrades will be done along Route 12B in the village, including by the Village Green.

Village Engineer Tim O’Hara said the village will need to provide its share of the estimated $8 million cost upfront regardless of when the work is done.

Dependent on how the bids come in the village’s share will be around $1.5 million.

O’Hara said the powerlines along the repair route will likely be done first.

He and Tantillo said there is no schedule of when and where the work will start.

Tantillo said at the meeting last month there was also discussion about the

pedestrian walkways along the Village Green the state will put in.

They will purchase about 15 feet of the area on the Green from the village to do this.

Bids will likely go out in late summer for the work.

O’Hara said it is unlikely Route 12B will be shut down completely, aside from hours, not days, as needed.

He said the road will likely be a one- lane through the village as the work is done.

Tantillo said the work ...

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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