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Clinton Felt Like The Right Place To Be

Clinton Central School Superintendent Dr. Stephen Grimm finished the school year as Superintendent with student ceremonies and one last Board meeting.

Following eight years of dedication to the students of Clinton, Grimm is taking a step forward to enjoy the Clinton experience fully as a parent without the responsibilities of the position he's served graciously.

"I'm really looking forward to spending more time with my family," Grimm said. "I haven't had the chance to be a full-time parent since I was lucky enough to be hired here, and giving more effort as a father and a husband is my main goal in retirement."

The end of a normal school year can be chaotic and overwhelming enough before considering a change in Administrative leadership. With the previous two years being marred by the pandemic, ending a normal school year was a far expectation the past few years.

"The end to this school year wasn't so hectic," Grimm said. "Everything is going so well internally and that's a credit to our leadership team.

“And when you think about hiring a new Superintendent in addition to the typical hassle the end of a school year can, it's really an exceptional job from the leadership team to have the District in such a good position.

“We had the fifth grade moving up ceremony. Post-Covid it wasn't a guarantee we'd be able to do that. Having everyone back together and the good feelings you get from being together was something missing recently," he said.

Grimm reassures the community the District will be in good hands in the search for a new Superintendent thanks to efforts of the Board of Education and the hiring of interim Superintendent Dave Langone.

"The BOE has done an excellent job supporting all the good work we do in the District," Grimm said. "Dave Langone is an excellent choice for interim Superintendent, He was a mentor to me earlier in my career and I know the district is in good hands."

Without having to worry about the status of Clinton going forward, Grimm can focus on his retirement.

"I've been playing more music, playing more guitar," Grimm said. "It's a consistent challenge. It's something I can always improve at. Also I want to spend more time with my parents. Maybe cook some meals for my family and find something every day I can be better at."

Improving every day is something Grimm instituted into his daily routine when he was younger and throughout his career has maintained that energy wherever he went….

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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