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CCS MathCounts Get It Right Again

By Callie Kozak

Clinton Middle School’s MathCounts team took second place in a regional competition at MVCC, qualifying them for the state competition.

CMS students Ethan LaBuz, Sam Bono, Ben Wileczka, Cooper Rorick, Emily Roy, and Andrew Bashant all attended the competition and contributed to the team making states again this year.

Each MathCounts competition consists of four rounds: the sprint round, target round, team round, and countdown round.

Students’ individual scores are calculated based on the sprint and target round points. Team scores are calculated using the team round points.

The final countdown round takes the top eight individual student scores and gives each 45 seconds to answer questions without a calculator.

LaBuz, Bono, and Roy, all in eighth grade, placed individually within the…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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