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Brookfield Sets Six Months For Moratorium On Solar

A meeting and reorganizational meeting by the Brookfield Town Board included a proposal for purchasing a Gradall.

During the reorganizational meeting Board members put steps in place for doing business in 2022. The regular meeting followed.

Town Supervisor Loren Corbin reported that the fire alarm at the Town Hall is fixed. Carbon monoxide detectors will be installed this month.

Brookfield is still waiting on FEMA money for 2021 flooding and storms. Money will be used for the cost of repairs to Cole Hill.

Board members discussed with Highway Superintendent Paul Owens the possibility of buying a Gradall this year.

Owens said weather on Sunday, Jan. 9 resulted in 12 hours of work to combat ice by the department.

The Board discussed a vacancy as of this week and the compensation the departing employee, who is taking another job but not retiring, qualifies to receive under the contract between the union and town. Corbin said wording is unclear for those who leave but do not retire.

The employee, with the town for 17 years, will receive compensation for vacation days for 2022 but not for accumulated sick time not used, the Board agreed.

One application has been received for the vacancy so far.

Councilman Clint Abrams said Codes Officer Charlie Schmidt was making headway on inspecting businesses in the town.

Board members discussed, but put off a decision, on advertising for a custodian to clean the Town Hall and Highway Garage. Corbin said once the wage is set duties will be outlined to fall in line.

The town received self-administer tests for Covid and some were handed out to Board members and town officials. Madison County requires anyone who tests positive with a self-test report it to the county Health Department.

Abrams said no onlookers are allowed in Town Court due to social distancing….

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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