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Brookfield Search Begins

Under the guidelines set to find Brookfield Central School’s next superintendent, that person will be starting in the job this summer.

BCS Board of Education members and retiring Superintendent Jim Plows spent two hours with Oneida-Herkimer-Madison BOCES Superintendent Dr. Patricia Kilburn during a special meeting last week. The first hour was in executive session discussing negotiations.

In the second hour, Kilburn reviewed a number of steps and choices for Board members in establishing how the search will be done. Kilburn will lead the search as a consultant free of charge.

Earlier she had given Board members the options on the type of searches that can be done. A confidential one, Kilburn said, has the best chance of attracting applicants.

“The past two searches I’ve done have not had a lot of applicants,’’ Kilburn said. “Because of the scarcity of applicants there are people potentially interested who will increase the pool.’’

A confidential search means only the person chosen by the Board will be identified. In some searches finalists are identified.

Board member Sean Karn said because it can be hard to get a lot of applicants, a confidential search might bring in some quality choices.

Brookfield’s stakeholders - parents, students, staff, community members - will be involved in deciding what type of person the Board hires. “We want to know what they think,’’ Kilburn said, “about the district and the person will will fit.’’

Kilburn will put together a letter that will be sent once the Board reviews and approves. They also agreed…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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