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Brookfield Looks For Solar Rules

The Town of Brookfield adopted a one-year moratorium on commercial solar farms while looking to craft laws and regulations for the energy companies.

At last week’s Brookfield Town meeting, Supervisor Loren Corbin said two companies have shown interest in putting solar panels in the town. During the public hearing prior to adopting the moratorium, Corbin said Brookfield needs to look at numerous areas before letting in companies.

If the town sets fees and regulations before the end of a year, the moratorium can be lifted then.

In other matters, the 2021 town budget will not exceed the tax cap, putting a 1.62 percent increase on the tax levy. Corbin said a higher than anticipated amount of sales tax for the third quarter allowed for the town to drop the idea of exceeding the cap.

Taxes will go up .0678 cents per assessed $1,000, or about...


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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