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Bridgewater Fixes Major Water Leak

The Town of Bridgewater Board met Thursday night to discuss new business.

The Board approved a resolution accepting the October meeting minutes.

Town Dog Control Officer Beth Shanley met with the State Agriculture Department for a review of services. Shanley said the only requirements the Town was lacking in regards to Animal Control were shelter fees.

The Board approved a resolution to charge shelter fees of $35 for the first day and $20 for each following day. Town of Bridgewater Supervisor Dale DeKing said Shanley was doing an awesome job.

Zoning Board Chair Dierdra Williams said Doreen Hall was nominated for appointment to the Zoning Board. The Board approved a resolution nominating Hall and she is expected to be sworn in Wednesday.

Planning Board Chair Destiny Davis said the Planning Board is undertaking…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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