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BCS Returns To Projects To Help Students Learn

Brookfield Central School plans to return to what worked pre-pandemic, and add to it to close the learning gap formed over the last two years.

During recent Board of Education meetings, Superintendent Jim Plows and Board members have crafted the 2022-23 budget that goes to voters to begin the post-pandemic recovery. The plan, over multiple years, addresses key academic and social-emotional areas that faculty and staff identified as the priorities.

Plows said along with lost learning time as the pandemic changed three school years, students fell behind in developing their social and emotional skills. “You could feel it when they were here, it wasn’t the same building,’’ he said. “And of course when they weren’t here it certainly wasn’t the same.’’

Pre-pandemic, Brookfield’s 250 students took part in Raising the Banner to Greatness, which focused on individual and schoolwide goals for students. A revised version of that will kick in next fall.

In July 2019 at a retreat BCS faculty identified three critical areas for overall student growth: Early Learning, parent and Community Involvement and a new version of Raise the Banner.

Elementary students set classroom goals, while older students worked with faculty to identify their own longterm goals and how to reach them. “Students all had an adult mentor in the building they could go to,’’ Plows said. “We asked, where do you want to be when you’re 25? Then talked about academics and behavior to get there.’’

Adjustments for 2022-23 include a more proactive approach with service providers in occupational, physical and speech therapy to assist all students in a general…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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