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Art Meets History In Artisans’ Corner

History is on permanent display at the Artisans’ Corner building in the Village of Clinton.

Linda McHarris owns and lives in the building that houses Artisans’ Corner at 1 College St. Colloquially known as the Allen Building, 1 College St. is on the corner of College and Williams streets. The building side that faces Williams Street is known for its colorful doors.

On that side of the building with the vivid doors were a couple of painted over windows. McHarris livened up the empty spaces with flowers every year.

During the pandemic, McHarris’s store slowed down a bit, giving her some free time, she said.

“I was sitting out on the side of our building one day,” McHarris said, “and just realized how bare those boarded-up, painted-up windows looked. I contemplated what to do with them.”

She originally had the idea to commission the artists featured at Artisans’ Corner to do some paintings on the bare spots where windows used to be. However, McHarris said, because of the building’s history, she felt something related to the past would better fit.

One historical detail McHarris points to that’s not widely known is that a firehouse was located on the Williams-Street side of her building.

McHarris wanted to dedicate the empty spots on the building to the history that unfolded…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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