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Arena Roof Bid Approved

New hires, approved resolutions and a discussion about marijuana legislation were among the highlights at last Monday’s Town of Kirkland Board meeting.

The first approved resolution was to accept the lowest bid for the Clinton Arena Roof Project from the recommendation of Nelson Associates Architectural Engineering. The roofing job was awarded to Culver Roofing on Erie Street in Utica.

Along with that, a resolution to approve appropriation of American Rescue Plan Act funds for the Arena Roof Capital Project from the loss revenue calculations pursuant to the IRS Interim Rule was passed.

There was a resolution to accept the Police Shared Services Agreement with the Village of Clinton. Town Supervisor Bob Meelan said he met with Village Mayor Elizabeth Tantillo. This year’s shared services agreement reduces the Village’s cost by $20,000, Meelan said.

A resolution to approve budget funds for the purchase of a new Kirkland Police Department car and an upgrade to the department’s computer system was passed.

Approval of the addition of the budget for Capital Projects for 2022 was given by the board.

One of the last resolutions to pass dealt with the solar farm that’s planned for the town. The resolution to approve the host community agreement and decommissioning agreement was approved. This is a final piece needed for the finalization of the solar farm.

A discussion about New…


The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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