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Marshall Looks At Moratoriums

The Town of Marshall Oct. 13 meeting opened with approval of the minutes of the last meeting in September, and approval of two special town board meetings to discuss the budget.

Guest Eric Schachtler asked the Board for documents pertaining to his plan to operate a mine on Shanley Road. During the Sept. 16 special meeting, it was resolved that Vincent J. Rossi would represent the Town of Marshall in the Schachtler mining issue, retroactive to June 26.

The Board approved Rossi’s salary at $190 per hour, not to exceed $8,000. The Schachtler Stone Quarry is disputing the Stop Work Order issued by the Town in April 2020.

In Department Reports, Supervisor Jack Buschmann said Dan Ford, the Codes Enforcement Officer, had approved several garages going up in the Town. He commented it showed the Town of Marshall is growing.

Dan Yoxall gave the Water Board report, and said they had received approval from Oneida County to extend the time of payment of the water bill for those who may have difficulty paying their quarterly bills.

Customers need to fill out an application form to have their payment deferred and will have to pay the money due eventually – it is not forgiven.

The State is requiring testing of the water four times a year every three years. It will cost approximately $1,200 to $4,000 per year for testing.

He also advised the Board that there are free Covid-19 testing sites at Griffiss Business…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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