Hamilton Follows Strict Covid-19 Procedures

October 13, 2020

For the first two days of October, Hamilton College students learned the restrictions to remain on campus had lifted.


After six weeks back on The Hill in Clinton, students received permission from the college to leave the campus. They could visit Clinton businesses such as the Cider Mill and those along Park Row and College Street.


Students were warned that all bars were off limits as were entering any private residences. They had to wear facemasks and follow social distancing guidelines. 


They could not travel outside of the village. Any violations would revoke the privilege and put everyone back on campus lockdown.


The easing up lasted not quite half a day. When a coronavirus test the evening of Friday, Oct. 2 showed a student had the virus, the college rescinded the allowing of students to mingle in the community the next day.


It’s part of a college plan to keep students, staff and the community safe that began in March. College President David Wippman said last week even as students had to leave in March, the goal was to get them back for the fall.


“We had to end in-person instruction early, at spring break,’’ he said. “We had to move all our instruction to online. From then we engaged in non-stop planning for a fall return.’’


Nine committees and 20 sub-committees explored every detail of bringing students back on campus in the fall. “We also worked at the village and town level to make everyone aware of our plans and get input,’’ Wippman said.


During all that, the college remained mindful of the economic impact its approximately 1,800 students have in the greater Clinton community. But the health…


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