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CCS Works On Vision 2025

The Clinton Central School Board of Education met Tuesday night for their regular business meeting as well as for a Strategic Planning Workshop for the Vision 2025 plan.

The Vision 2025 Workshop was a dialogue between Dr. Kevin Baughman, Dr. Deborah Shea and the Clinton Board of Education discussing the District's goals and objectives while also looking at the progress of each step of the Vision 2020 plan.

Among the highlights of the plan were the continuing horizontal and vertical alignment of educational techniques throughout the Elementary, Middle, and High Schools and the building of a Youth Center for the community. That would be in partnership with the Village of Clinton and Town of Kirkland, and possibly Oneida County.

Board member Sam Catterson asked about the inclusion of a wide range of members from the community and how much diligence was placed in establishing it being fair from each aspect of the community.

Board President Mary Lou Lauchert said the Clinton Community Vision Advisory Team's process of determination was fair. Lauchert said the team was very focused on getting the vantage point of people besides those in Clinton.

The district put together community groups and used Survey Monkey…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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