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April Might Be Cruelest Month

(Layla and Ethan Barnes of North Brookfield painted windows on the doors of their house as part of art class taught by mom Julie. Parents, students and teachers have spent the past month finding new ways to offer instruction and learn during the coronavirus pandemic. Read how some are coping, Page 7)

Although originally it looked like this would be the month people began returning to normal activities, instead the Covid-19 quarantine has been extended at least through the rest of April.

In an announcement that surprised no one, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said all schools in the state would remain closed through April 29. Schools have been closed a full month as of this week.

With that decision, the state also canceled the June Regents tests. Students who pass the Regents classes they are enrolled in this year will be exempt from taking those Regents tests paired with the class. A senior who fails a Regents course will need to attend summer school and take the Regents exam in August.

Underclassmen who want to take the Regents with a class this year will be allowed to take the test next year. As of now Regents exams are scheduled for August.

What hasn’t been canceled, just postponed so far, is the high school spring sports season. Section Three said last week it will extend the start of the spring season to April 29.

Numbers of people infected with the coronavirus and those who died from it continued to increase locally, statewide and across the country.

As of Monday, Oneida County had reported three deaths - one more than the previous week - and 200 people who have tested positive, with 28 in the hospital. From Friday evening till Monday morning 38 more cases were confirmed.

While the county will not provide breakdown of cases by towns…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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