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Waterville Asked To Support 2A Group

A group that opposes laws to restrict gun ownership asked the Village of Waterville board to support them.

Brandon Martin of Sauquoit addressed board members during their meeting last week as a representative of the local chapter of 2A, which stands for Second Amendment Sanctuary. Support from all municipalities in Oneida County will help them get the county on board, he said.

Martin said firearms owners have been using 2A to counter laws that take away the rights of gun owners. He said the laws were targeted at gun owners by those who oppose them.

“If it was about safety and needing more laws they would focus on criminals,’’ Martin said. “Look at Utica. There are shootings every week.’’

Martin said having the Village of Waterville join in support would “say you support your citizens and gun rights. It’s about self-preservation of a free people and free state,’’ he said.

One example of laws 2A opposes are red flag laws, which allow law enforcement to remove a gun owner’s weapons if that person is considered a risk to harm others.

Trustee Brian Bogan asked why, citing the Sandy Hook, Conn. man who shot 20 students and six educators as someone who would have fallen under the red flag law. “There needs to be a split of rights and safety,’’ Bogan said.

Martin said the shooter had access to guns from his mother and that he did not take his medicine as required for his mental health situation. “Everyone pushes the loss of children but what does that have to do with me?’’ Martin said.

“Why not bring back Prohibition? There is no situation where we would approve of red flags,’’ he said.

Bogan said he could not support that. “Sometimes people need a cool down, maybe if alcohol involved.’’

Chris Jones, another 2A member, said the red flag laws …

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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