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Fey Shares Life Lessons And Laughs

The Hamilton College Sacerdote Great Names series welcomed Tina Fey up the Hill Tuesday night for a lengthy introspective discussion about her life and career as one of America's funniest people.

Hamilton College President David Wippman began the evening with his four-minute introduction of Fey as well as a short recap of her list of awards and notable movies and TV shows. The 5,000 plus fans in attendance at the sold-out Margaret Bundy Scott Field House greeted Fey with rousing applause as she took the stage and the desk on-stage to spin around a few times before taking her seat and thanking the audience.

"There were just so many lessons I learned early in my career about working together with people and how to come up with ideas," Fey said. "Now we have so much to worry about with how we say things and that was a lesson I learned early about how to make my humor work."

She began talking about her early influences in comedy and what her first professional experiences were like. The full recap of her career found her talking…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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