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Brookfield Under Tax Cap

The proposed 2020 budget for the Town of Brookfield falls under the tax cap allowed for next year.

At last week’s Town Board meeting at the Leonardsville firehouse, Supervisor Loren Corbin said the budget just barely came in under the cap with $149 to spare “It’s the most challenging one I’ve seen,’’ said Corbin, who spent 10 years as supervisor before returning in January.

“We’re not able to cover all the deficiencies in the 2019 budget with it.’’

The budget does increase taxes slightly, at 3 cents per assessed $1,000. For a house assessed at $100,000, that will mean an extra $30 in their bill, he said.

The budget of just over $1.5 million puts most of the spending - $1.2 million - in the Highway Department. Most of the budget’s line items remain the same as this year or have slight increases.

The town is also counting on an additional $20,000 for snow removal for Madison County and an additional $15,000 for the sale of equipment.

Costs in the Highway Department have increased to reflect more accurate spending based on this year. Residents can review the budget at the Town Hall and can…

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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