Request Made For A Climate Group

September 17, 2019

Town of Kirkland and Village of Clinton boards have been asked to participate in a community group to study the impact of climate change.


Last Monday both boards met, as Clinton had to reschedule due to the Labor Day holiday. First at the Kirkland Town Hall, then Lumbard Hall, community members establishing the group gave a presentation.


Mona Perrotti, chairman of the group, gave a quick overview of the group’s desire to study both the impact of climate change and changes that can be made in the community to help the environment. 


The group’s purpose in visiting the boards was to ask for a formal recognition of the Kirkland Clinton Climate Preparedness Working Group, and to have each board designate a member to participate.


At both meetings, presenters emphasized that in July, New York committed to net-zero carbon emissions in the next decades.


As an example of what they would like to do, the group has been in contact with the Hamilton Climate Preparedness Working Group, which includes members from Colgate University, said Carol Gable, associate vice president for finance at...

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