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Going Digital

(The photo above is how your digital Waterville Times will look when you download it onto your mobile device or computer. The digital version of The Waterville Times is available in PDF form only.)

This week we start a new way for readers to get their Waterville Times.

Recognizing the trend for people to do their reading on mobile devices, people can now subscribe to a digital version of the Times. Cost for a year is $40 and allows readers access to each issue for four weeks. It’s a pretty quick and easy way to sign up by going to our website, and using the Paid Online Edition form.

If digital is not your preferred method, no fears. We will continue to print the paper each week and mail it our readers. Nothing will change in that format.

But, having had to just raise the price due to escalating print and postage costs, and knowing that many people rely more on their mobile devices for their news, we felt it was time to see if this would be an attractive option for readers, both current and potential new ones.

Our snowbirds in particular, who frequently call us because of Post Office delays with getting their paper each week, might find this a more reliable choice in getting their paper on time.

Zach Lewis and Kristi Kosmoski have spent a lot of hours working on this and found a good software that brings the Times to life on the screen.

We’ve had some people sign up already. If you become one of them, we welcome your feedback on any suggestions to make it better.

Even a paper that began in 1857 has to grow to keep up with reader trends. We hope those of you who choose enjoy the modern Times.

The full story is in this week's edition of the newspaper. 

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