Brookfield Seeks Mowers For Cemeteries

June 20, 2018

Twice this year, the Town of Brookfield advertised for people to submit a bid to mow some of the town’s 65 cemeteries.


As explained last week by Town Supervisor John Salka at the Board’s meeting in Leonardsville, the town does not have a legal responsibility to take care of the cemeteries that are on private land or religious based. “We try to get the big ones taken care of because it’s the right thing to do,’’ he said.


But both times, no one responded, even though the town was only looking for about a dozen of the cemeteries to be taken care of between Memorial Day and Labor Day. The matter took up a good bit of discussion during the Board’s 90-minute meeting last week.


Councilman Clint Abrams said the town’s Highway Department cannot take on the additional work. “We’d have to add to overtime and take away from their duties now. That would go on everyone’s taxes to pay for this.’’


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