Residents Need To Clear Sidewalks, Board Says

April 18, 2018

The issue of sidewalks being cleared of snow and ice was one of the topics covered during the March meeting of the Town of Marshall Board.


Although letters have been sent out and notices posted, the problem of snow and ice-covered sidewalks remains, forcing residents to walk along busy Route 12B. There is a Town ordinance which states homeowners should keep the sidewalks in front of their houses maintained, whether it be clearing them of snow and ice or repairing dangerous cracks in them.


Failure to do so will involve a visit to the homeowner by Codes Enforcer Dan Ford, who will inform them of their obligations and give them names of people willing to remove the snow if they are unable to do so. If within 24 hours  it is still not cleared, he will contact the homeowner of said property again, presenting two options: either clear the snow themselves, or the Town will hire someone to do it and assess the homeowner $50.


A discussion ensued. If a driveway adjacent to a home is plowed and the snow from the driveway ends up on the homeowner's sidewalk, should he or she be obligated to remove it? Complaints and notices of sidewalk defects should be made to the Town, and those complaints will be reviewed and kept for five years.


Also, it was noted that the Town of Marshall does not have a snow removal district, similar to a lighting district or water district, and thus the assessment will not appear on the homeowner's tax bill.


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